How to Pitch a Book Idea by Joy Cho

How to Pitch a Book Idea

The thought of turning an idea for a book into a reality can seem completely overwhelming. How does it happen? Who do you talk to? Do you find a publisher or do you self-publish? Do you need an agent? With this 40-page Workbook, I'll take you through the steps and help you pitch the book of your dreams!

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What's included?

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How to Pitch a Book Idea by Joy Cho
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In this Workbook, we'll cover:

  • Concepting and Refining Your Idea 
  • Getting a Publisher vs. Self-Publishing
  •  Researching Publishers for Your Book Idea 
  • Book Agents 
  • Putting Together the Book Pitch
  • Submitting the Pitch 
  • What to do if you get a YES or a NO
  • And more!

With 6 published books under my belt, I’ve pitched, developed, and written a range of books. And I want to share everything I know with you!


I haven't written a book before, will this still help me?

Yes! This workbook is meant for anyone who wants to write and pitch a book idea. Whether you have no idea whatsoever how to do it or you have some idea and just need more guidance, I'm covering it all!

Is this workbook best filled in by hand or typed into?

Once you download the PDF, you can print it out or you can read it on your computer. I think it's best printed out and filled in by hand so that you can work on it anywhere, but how you use it is up to you!


This beautifully designed workbook is the perfect guide to help anyone in manifesting a book! I believe we all have many books within us so Joy's concise, yet comprehensive, manual is applicable to anyone that has a story they want to share. It's a perfect mix of providing you with all the different paths in finding a home for your book—where there are many directions you can take that are not necessarily right or wrong!

It gave me confidence in confirming that turning a book into a reality is a process that is most optimally steered with research, intuition and unwavering belief in yourself no matter how many no's or challenges arise!
Jelena Aleksich, The Confetti Project
For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the process of writing a book, this is an invaluable resource. My sister-in-law and I are first-time authors working on a series of children's books. We have learned so much by working through this workbook. Thank you!
Jessica Green, Workwell Consulting
As a freelance editor, I think Joy has done a great job covering all of the key components of the book proposal and publishing process from beginning to end. What I love most about this guide though is that it's not only a booklet of step-by-step instructions but also a workbook!

It's as if you can attend a virtual pitch workshop with her and walk away with simple, easy-to-follow actionable steps!  I recommend this guide to anyone interested in the book proposal and publishing process.
Bee Tangsurat
My first book is releasing in just a few days, and I wish I had this amazing workbook when I was going through the process! Joy holds your hand step-by-step from start to finish and answers ALL the questions I spent hours trying to find on my own. It’s beautifully and thoughtfully designed as a place to keep all your book-related thoughts and notes.

Joy is such a trusted source in the industry and has proven her success time and time again.  She is so generous with her knowledge, and I highly recommend this guide for anyone who would like to make their book dreams come true

Even having already gone through this process, I had many takeaways from this guide and there were so many things I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey.
Maghon Taylor, Author of "Happy Hand Lettering"