How to License Your Art and Designs - Video Class by Joy Cho

How to License Your Art and Designs - Video Class

I have been working in the design field for 19 years and have spent most of that time designing and creating products through licensing. Oh Joy! has had collections with Target, Band-Aid, Clorox, CALPAK, Petco, Freshly Picked, Alice & Ames, MixBook, Keds, and many more brands. In this online class, I will cover all the steps it takes to work with a brand to license your work for their products.

This video class includes:

  • My background, history, and experience of partnering with numerous brands to license designs
  • Deep dive into your style and how to decide which brands to pitch
  • How to make sure your website, social media, and work is ready to present to brands
  • How to put together a pitch deck and cold pitch to companies
  • How licensing works and what to ask for in terms of royalties, fees, and usage rights
  • And more!

After many successful in-person and live online workshops (which always completely sell out!), I'm excited to offer a video version to be able to reach more of you wherever you may be! You'll be able to watch and pause each video as your schedule allows. Our current early bird price is for a limited time only!

Total class time: 76 minutes

*A version with closed captioning is available upon request. After purchasing the class, please email:


I attended a live version of Joy's Licensing workshop, and it was one of the best investments I made. I came home with SO much more confidence andunderstanding of the process and the value I could bring to a partnership.

After the workshop, I re-negotiated a current collaboration to receive a larger commission, have my brand's name on packaging, AND the chance to have my hand in the design process more than I ever had before. We just debuted our collection in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas markets, and it's a huge success all around.

Without Joy's guidance and encouragement,  I wouldn't have had the confidence to ask for what my brand was worth.  Moving into this year, licensing is a huge goal for me and a much larger part of my business portfolio. 
Maghon Taylor, All She Wrote Notes
I took an online version of this class. Joy provided an incredible amount of information and details through the workbook and the Q&A session and now it will be up to me to put them to use! It was really helpful to know what to include in a pitch deck and the contract when working with an attorney. 

I feel motivated and inspired to pursue licensing of my artwork and can see that it may be possible to have this be an extension of my design business. Now, it's time for the homework! :)
Maria Pastore, Graphic Designer

What's included?

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How to License Your Art and Designs - Workbook
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - How to License Your Art and Designs
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - How to License Your Art and Designs
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