How to Grow a Dream Team by Joy Cho

How to Grow a Dream Team

I'll show you how to find great people, how to keep great people, how to inspire and lead, and how to create something they want to be a part of, and more. Join me as I help you to grow your very own Dream Team.

What's included?

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Hello and welcome!
Introduction - VIDEO
6 mins
Chapter 1: When is the right time to grow your team?
Chapter 1 - VIDEO
35 mins
Chapter 2: How to Find the Right People
Chapter 2 - VIDEO
33 mins
Chapter 3: How to Keep the Right People
Chapter 3 - VIDEO
34 mins
Chapter 4: Day to Day
Chapter 4 - VIDEO
15 mins
Chapter 5: Conflicts, Complaints & The Not-So-Fun Stuff
Chapter 5 - VIDEO
12 mins
Chapter 6: What's Next?
Chapter 6 - VIDEO
24 mins
Conclusion: What Does a Dream Team Mean to You?
Conclusion - VIDEO
2 mins
Oh Joy! Dream Team Group
Resources and Links
Audio Versions
Introduction - AUDIO ONLY
6 mins
Chapter 1 - AUDIO ONLY
35 mins
Chapter 2 - AUDIO ONLY
33 mins
Chapter 3 - AUDIO ONLY
34 mins
Chapter 4 - AUDIO ONLY
15 mins
Chapter 5 - AUDIO ONLY
12 mins
Chapter 6 - AUDIO ONLY
24 mins
Conclusion - AUDIO ONLY
2 mins


Is this class for those who already have employees or those who don't have any yet?

This class is designed for:
  • Those who have yet to hire and need guidance on how to start 
  • Those who may have already hired a small team but are struggling with how to best manage and lead 
  • Those who are in the early stages of building a company and want to know what to expect and how to plan for growth in hiring for the future
  • Those who lead a team within a company they work for

What do I need to watch this class?

  • A desire to grow an amazing team for your business
  • A computer with good WIFI
  • A notebook and pen for taking notes

Should I watch the class all at one time or spread it out?

You can watch this class however is best for you. But I recommend blocking off chunks of uninterrupted time to watch at least 1 or 2 chapters at a time. You'll have plenty of notes to take so it's best if you're at a desk with your computer and a notebook!

Should I watch the video version or listen to the audio version?

The class is designed as video class with plenty of visuals and graphics to support the content I will be giving you. However, if you're going through it a second or third time time or want a refresher in a certain section, we offer the audio versions as a bonus. I do not recommend ONLY listening to the audio version as there is a a lot of good stuff you will want to see in the video version (including my sweet dance moves).

Does this class expire?

No, this class is yours to watch over and over once you have purchased it!